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Finally a place where any barter exchange worldwide can access goods and services from exchanges worldwide.

Our fees:

3/4 of 1% for each sale or purchase.

No other fees of any kind.

No sign up fee

No Monthly fee

No annual renewal fee

 No barter fee

Post anything you want to offer, hotels, resorts, hard goods like printers, autos, boats, and services like web design, limo rental, condos for sale or rent.

Reciprocal trade through centralbarterexchange.com is easy and very inexpensive.

Open to any exchange in the world.

You will also have access to the e-mail and phone number for every exchange and can contact them direct to see if they may have what you need, then if they agree just do the transaction.

  From the  www.centralbarterexchange.com click on "Exchange information on the bottom right and then "Policies" for operating policies.




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A Universal Currency for everyone on earth!

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Tell all the barter companies you know to join www.centralbarterexchange.com and help it become the biggest reciprocal barter group in the world.

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No fee to join and only 3/4 of 1% per transaction. No monthly fees, no renewal fees

No barter fees.


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The least expensive, comprehensive Universl Currency exchange  avaiable to the entire world of barter exchanges.

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